UPBGE and 11 Delicious Features that Enhance the Blender Game Engine

Blender is a 3D software that has a diverse amount of tools and one of them is the game engine BGE (Blender Game Engine) with features focused on creating games, but not limited to other purposes such as interactive applications, 2D graphics, etc.

UPBGE is a fork of Blender focused on the improvement of BGE. Forks are projects that use base software to increase resources or resuscitate discontinued software. A good example of fork is LibreOffice which took over the succession of OpenOffice.

Options To Make Radial Symmetry

When you want to make shapes like a fan, flower, stars, signals, or any radial symmetry in Blender, you already know that doing it manually just with rotate and copy never was a clever thing to make it, is not it? This tutorial brings two simple methods to make a radial symmetry shapes. The first is faster but static, and next is a bit more difficult but dynamic.


Easy Way to Control Curve Points with Bones

Spline Curve is one of most incredible tools of Blender, with that, you can make things like modeling and animations paths. If you want more details about Curves, check the Blender Manual. So… in this tip we’ll talk about Curves and Bones, but specifically make a control of curve points without any use of Hooks. […]

Gimp Pixelize

1. Introduction

Hello everybody! I will teach you how to do the pixelization effect in Gimp for drawing look like an retro game and will be shown according with the drawing (img. 1) I did in GIMP. This time the tutorial will only in this site instead of video because I’m currently working on another new video for the channel.