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Options To Make Radial Symmetry

When you want to make shapes like a fan, flower, stars, signals, or any radial symmetry in Blender, you already know that doing it manually just with rotate and copy never was a clever thing to make it, is not it? This tutorial brings two simple methods to make a radial symmetry shapes. The ...

Easy Way to Control Curve Points with Bones

Spline Curve is one of most incredible tools of Blender, with that, you can make things like modeling and animations paths. If you want more details about Curves, check the Blender Manual. So… in this tip we’ll talk about Curves and Bones, but specifically make a control of curve ...

Portal Improved Research

Olá everybody! \e/ In this page I will tell you more details and my conception about this project. Google0Twitter0Facebook0Pinterest0Linkedin0Mail